Partial Dentures and Cosmetic Dentistry

It used to be just old peoples teeth but not anymore! Partial dentures can be for any age. Dentures are a removable option to replace missing teeth. The other options are fixed dental bridges or dental implants.

Benefits of Dentures

Partial dentures provide teeth so that you can eat, speak and improve your smile. Dentures are a relatively cheap option to replace teeth compared to dental bridges and dental implants.

Recently cosmetic dentistry has advanced so much that cosmetic dentists can make you comfortable and natural looking teeth with dentures. Dentures that improve your appearance are also known as cosmetic dentures. Your new dentures can be made in 2 – 4 visits and immediate dentures can be made in one visit.

Dentures, Dental Implants or Dental Bridges?

If your teeth are not strong or healthy enough to hold dental bridges, a denture may be a better option. If you do not have enough jaw bone for dental implants and no supporting teeth, then dentures again may be a good alternative. There is no right or wrong option. Every case is different and your dentist will inform you what’s best for you.

What’s Better? – Chrome or Acrylic Dentures?

Chrome dentures are stronger and usually thinner. Acrylic dentures are light and cheaper than chrome. If you have a strong bite, chrome dentures tend to be better. Again your dentist will discuss the best option after assessing your mouth.

And Prevention of Tooth Wear

Cosmetic dentists are aware that tooth to tooth contact cannot be completely stopped, but with the night bite guard your teeth are prevented from excessive contact and can help tooth wear! In turn this may alleviate jaw and muscle symptoms.

Need Advice About Dentures?

How to Get the Best Dentures and Restore Self-Esteem

While dentures can’t be as good as your natural teeth, they can be of total help when you lost several of your teeth. For one thing, you can regain your self-worth. Finding the best dentures will give you another chance of restoring your beautiful smile. The process starts by confessing your dental concerns to your dentist. Are there problems with regards to your dental health? Do you have any illness that can affect the dental procedures? Your dentist may have the know-how in diagnosing your dental condition, but it is you who knows well what you are going through. Being honest and open to your dentist will provide you the best dental care possible.

In any undertakings, information always serves as your good weapon. You would be risking your dental health and your overall well being when you take the need lightly. When it comes to acquiring the best dentures, there are certain things that require your attention like choosing the right types of dentures. Depending on your oral problem, these types include partial dentures, full dentures, and over dentures. Partial dentures, as the term used imply, only require a certain part on your mouth, while full dentures need a complete replacement of the missing teeth. Over dentures, on the other hand, are employed through precise dental attachments to fit over on the remaining teeth. After diagnosing, your dentist will provide you treatment plan options.

One of the popular ways in acquiring satisfying dentures is through the method of immediate dentures. These dentures procedures are immediately prepared before the extraction of your tooth. In this way, you can avoid unwanted embarrassment due to unsightly gaps with your smile. Immediate dentures are suitably applied to individuals who lost their front visible teeth. However, when the jaw bone starts to heal, adjustment is a requirement to be performed.

Conventional dentures methods, on the other side, though fit a lot better compared to immediate dentures, will require you to walk with gaps on your teeth for a couple of months. After the tooth extraction procedure, your cut gums are given enough time to heal before the arrival of your new set of teeth. This is required because the preparation of the dentures takes time. Although this dental procedure will take you to kill time the end results is surely worth the wait.

Getting the best dentures is not attained in just one night. This entails that you need to undergo some researches and spend sufficient amount of time just to find the right dentist for your case. Yes, there is a need for you to consult several dentists before going through a dentures. While on it, it would be best to ask the dentist the photos of his/her previous patients. Dentures can bring back your self-esteem and captivating smile only if you have right dentist and procedure.

We’ve all seen the commercials where the dentures get dropped into the water with the fizzy cleaning material that takes all the bacteria, food particles and other debris off the dentures to leave a shinning, white set of teeth. The other one I like is the one where the lady is out on a date and is having trouble keeping her dentures to stay put and in her mouth. It’s all quite funny until you are faced with making a decision about what to do when you are missing a tooth or teeth.

Most people these days, if they take good care of their teeth and see their dentist regularly as recommended, will keep most of their teeth during their lifetime. However, there are circumstances that include certain mouth and tongue cancers as well as accidents you never see coming that cause people to loose one or two teeth up to all of them. It’s during those times they have to make some pretty big decisions between the different types of bridges and dentures that are available today.

Dentures replace the entire set of teeth and can consist of the upper teeth, the lower teeth or both. It’s extremely important to have dentures fitted well for comfort and so you can secure them without embarrassment. The main issue over time is that when your teeth are gone the gums area tends to shrink. When that happens, you may have to get the dentures refitted or made over altogether.

They are not as easy to take care of either as you might be led to believe. You don’t want to leave them in water or chemicals because they can absorb the moisture and become soft. This means you have to take them out and clean them everyday to remove the food and debris. You also need to continue to brush your gums so they stay healthy as well. The healthier your gums the less they tend to shrink.

Bridges are normally used when there is a tooth on either side of missing teeth. You can have one tooth missing or a few. Bridges are also sometimes permanent or “fixed” but can also be removable. It will be up to you, along with your dentist, to decide which one is right for your situation. Whatever you decide it is of the utmost importance that you continue to keep the bridge clean as well as the gum area around the bridge. People forget that even though you are missing teeth, you have to continue to clean both the appliance and the gums to avoid diseases that can affect it.

Both dentures and bridges have a place as viable solutions to many dental issues. If you have to choose between having teeth and not having teeth, being able to get a set of dentures could not only add to the way you look but to your overall mental health and attitude. Being able to smile, eat and enjoy life with a mouth full of wonderful bright teeth cannot be replaced. So no matter how you have felt about those crazy commercials in the past, just know that there will always be a place for restorative bridges and dentures.